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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 4, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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it from books, like their favorite character in a book. >> don't miss an episode of this show "the five." we'll see you back here tomorrow. "special report" is next. from possible dirty bombs to superpower showdowns to guns in schools. the where, why and how the world is becoming a more dangerous place. tonight on "special report." good evening, i'm bre bret baier. sometimes it seems the entire world is a danger zone. from carnage in our classroom to dirty bomb fears south of our border, to chemical weapons fears in syria. those are just today's headlines. throw in jihadists in the middle east and protesters in ukraine
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and you have an explosive situation almost everywhere you look. we have james rosen on rising tensions with china over disputed territory. katherine on u.s. negotiations directly with middle east terror groups, but we begin with casey in dallas following the search for radioactive material that could be used to make a dirty bomb. hello, casey. >> reporter: bret, good evening to you. it is theft that has officials on high alert tonight after a truckloaded with radioactive material was stolen from a mexico gas station earlier this week. the vehicle had left a hospital in tijuana where it picked up a load of cobalt 60, which is used to treat cancer patients. but cobalt added to traditional explosives can make a so-called dirty bomb, causing widespread panic and radiation exposure. now, that medical cargo was being driven to a special nuclear storage facility more than 1700 miles away deep in mexico's interior is where it
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was stolen, in the small town near mexico city you see on the map. today the committee of nuclear safeguards released these photos. this one shows the white container housing the dangerous chemical. this shows the steel placed over the container to shield it. experts say if this cobalt 60 gets into the wrong hands, there could be catastrophic consequences, intentional or unintentional. >> the international atomic energy agency characterizes materials from -- on a scale of 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. in terms of how dangerous it is to human health. if it ends up going out of normal channels. and this is at the top end of the danger to human health. >> the u.s. department of homeland security released this statement to fox news today.
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it says, quote, all ports of entry are equipped with radiation detection equipment. dhs, in coordination with our federal partner, will continue to closely monitor this situation and remains in close communication with mexican officials. now, officials at the international atomic energy agency, which is the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog group, are also involved in this investigation and they say there are more than 100 incidents of theft regarding radioactive materials reported to their agency every single year. bret. >> casey stegal, thank you. the u.n. involved in another case saying there is growing evidence that syrian president bashir al assad and senior officials have been involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity. the complex dynamics in syria have the u.s. trying to talk peace with what is literally the lesser of two evils.
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good evening, katherine. >> reporter: the national security council staff and the intelligence agencies are referring all questions about the u.s. government's contacts with syria to the state department where today a spokesperson tries to play down direct talks as old news. >> we've been engaging with the broad section for a long time. it's been ongoing. of course we're incredibly concerned about the terrorist threat in syria. we've made that very clear. that's why we talk to the opposition all the time. >> reporter: as first reported by the "wall street journal" the u.s. and gulf nations are engaging with islamist groups in order to strengthen those who are not directly linked to the al qaeda franchises in syria. while these groups including the newly organized islamic front are not members of al qaeda, they still fly the black flag and support the establishment of an islamic state within syria, which runs counter to democratic
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principles. as for the syrian president assad, who's agreed to send a delegation to january peace talks in geneva, switzerland, defense department officials say the administration is trying to build support for the conference and trying to determine whether the u.s. can partner with islamists. >> it's worth knowing whether these groups have any intent whatsoever to be moderate and inclusive or whether they are from the start intend to be radical. >> if this is all going to come to some kind of a diplomatic solution, then all parties involved are going to have to be represented some way. >> reporter: critics say the direct talks are more confirmation that the administration knows al qaeda is gaining ground in syria because the groups are better funded, better armed and battle hardened. independent analysts have reported that nearly half of the rebel fighters are now aligned with hard line groups or the jihadist cause. >> catherine, thank you. more on this with the panel. just seconds ago as casey was
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wrapping up his report, its a.p. reported that a mexican nuclear official said the stolen container of radioactive material has been found empty. we will continue to follow this story and bring any updates that we can. afghan president hamid karzai says he will not allow anyone in his government to sign a new security pact with the united states. karzai was reacting to secretary of state john kerry's statement that afghanistan's defense minister could sign it instead. karzai is so far refusing to agree to a new troop arrangement with the u.s. ukraine's prime minister is accusing political opponents of provoking violence in the aftermath of a major policy switch. thousands have protested since the government backed out of an economic pact with the european union in favor of closer relations with russia. some of the demonstrators have been beaten and arrested. vice president joe biden was in beijing today meeting with china's new president amid a ratcheting up of tensions in the
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region that has seen not only the usual inflammatory words but even the deployment of u.s. warplanes. chief washington correspondent james rosen brings us that story. >> reporter: in five and a half hours of talks that u.s. officials said were marked by casual candor, the chinese president said their two countries must build a new model for relations in order to deal with a world that is not tranquil. >> regional hot spot issues keep popping up and there are more pronounced challenges such as climate change. >> reporter: among those hot spot issues is china's declaration last month that it controls the airspace over a huge swath of the east china sea. the u.s. promptly flew b-52 bombers in the zone, but regional allies taiwan, japan, south korea remain on edge as a territorial dispute has escalated sky high. white house officials said biden reaffirmed that the u.s. does not recognize the air defense
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zone. >> the new model of great power relationship envisioned in the 21st century between china and the united states requires us to expand our practical cooperation and deliver results. >> reporter: president obama has met with ji twice since he took offi office. in an effort to contain the iranian and north korean nuclear programs, the u.s. has gained some limited cooperation by beijing, but by most accounts china over the last five years has only grown boulder in its human rights abuses, international property theft, territorial aggression and warfare. >> so you think that china is in some cases, and correct me if i'm wrong with the word, is somehow looking for a fight here? >> i think they are taking actions that will inevitably lead to that. i don't think he wants a war because he would rather prevail without fighting but he's doing
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things that are inevitably pushing the region to that. >> reporter: china scholars are divided over whether he has consolidated control over the party. those who believe that he hasn't yet managed to do so attribute china's bell cause tee to win over the hard liners in his own ranks. back here at home, listening in to the beginning of what would become one of the worst school shootings in the nation's history. recordings of the 911 calls from last year's sandy hook elementary school shooting show dispatchers calmly assuring callers that help is coming. >> 911, what's the location of your emergency. >> sandy hook school. i think there's somebody shooting in here. at sandy hook coschool. >> what makes you think that? >> somebody has a glimpun. i saw a glimpse of somebody running down the hallway. >> the audio was released today
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under court order after a legal fight by the associated press. 20-year-old adam lanza murdered 20 children, six educators and his mother before killing himself. up next, is the obama care website a hacker's paradise? but first, here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. kttv in los angeles with the latest on the car crash that killed actor paul walker. autopsy results say he was killed by the combined effects of the impact and subsequent fire. investigators are still trying to determine what caused that car to careen out of control. wsvn in miami with nearly four dozen pilot whales stranded in shallow water in a remote area of florida's everglades national park. ten have already died. workers are trying to coax the remaining whales back into deeper water. and this is a live look at eden prairie, minnesota, from fox 9. the big story there tonight is the storm that has spread about two feet of snow in northeastern minnesota. heavy snow and ice have
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contributed to hundreds of traffic accidents around that state and were cited in at least four fatal crashes since monday. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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now to the issue of obama care. no matter how hard the president tries to swim away from the health care whirlpool, he cannot seem to escape it. today while the president tried to gen up some enthusiasm for other topics, the obama care vortex continued to draw him back in with new concerns about fraud and abuse. we have fox team coverage tonight. ed henry at the white house on another attempt to change the subject. first up, though, chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel from the capitol with warnings about the insecurity of your information. good evening, mike. >> reporter: well, bret, good evening.
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with the administration trying to move beyond the website's rough launch, there are some here on capitol hill who say there are still significant security and other concerns. >> just yesterday i logged in to the d.c. exchange where members of congress must go and got an error. >> reporter: is still struggling and darrell issa and others say they're worried about security. >> from a cyber standpoint we're all very concerned. it's very clear this is not a website that is highly secure. as a result hackers are flocking to it to try to take advantage of what clearly our security risks that are still there. >> reporter: the house intelligence chairman revealed it's a significant number of people seeking unauthorized access. >> we know that this thing gets hit thousands of times a day by people trying to get in and get access, unauthorized access. they have no coordinated effort on every single day to monitor and track that. >> reporter: one expert says the many attacks combined with weak security is a recipe for disaster. >> think of a house that you've
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already built the foundation but the foundation is completely cracked. you know, there's holes in the entire infrastructure and basically you have to gut everything out and rebuild it from the top. >> reporter: some senior democrats are expressing the hope that after initial bumps, obama care will ultimately become popular. >> our government does not always work as well as it should, but it's certainly capable of great things when there's a strong commitment to the underlying goals we all share. >> reporter: one academic predicted obama care's problems will be quickly forgotten. >> we'll look back even a year from now and see that the affordable care act is a good investment and is working. >> reporter: but kennedy says with connected to other areas of the federal government, such as the irs, hackers may tap into much more than just obama care. >> pivoting is a technique that once he hacks a website and gains access to it, he uses the connections that it has to go to other areas inside the network and from there attack other parts of the infrastructure. >> reporter: kathleen sebelius
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is due up here on capitol hill again next week. you can expect she'll face a range of questions about what's being done to protect the personal information of the american people. bret. >> mike, thank you. president obama is learning sooner or later everything comes back to his health care plan. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports on a day that did not start out that way. >> reporter: eager to steady a disastrous start to his second term, president obama today began a very deliberate attempt to fire up his political base. first delivering a speech sponsored by the liberal center for american progress on income inequality, a topic that warms the cockles of progressive hearts. >> we don't promise equal outcomes, we strived to deliver equal opportunity. >> reporter: and with some of the young people who helped elect him now appearing to bail on him, the president later dropped by a youth summit at the white house and practically begged the young and healthy folks to sign up for his health care law. >> and that's why i'm here,
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because i need your help. >> reporter: top republicans fired back today the president has now had five years in office. so if americans are feeling insecure about cancelled health plans and stagnant wages, they should blame him. >> when will they learn to say yes to common ground? when will they start listening to the american people? >> reporter: the president may also need to start listening to the millennials beyond just today's summit, where he suggested if all else fails, serve some alcohol to get young folks to sign up. >> if you're a bartender, have a happy hour. and also probably get health insurance because a lot of bar terns don't have it. >> reporter: a harvard university poll among 18 to 29-year-olds, 56% disapprove of the affordable care act, 39% approve. white house officials are touting a national journal poll that gives a rosier view. among the same age group, 53% say wait and see before making changes to the law. 26% say repeal it and 17% say
3:19 pm
provide more money to effectively implement it. under fire, the president is trying to shift the onus on republicans, to come up with alternatives on health care and a range of other issues. >> if you don't think we should raise the minimum wage, let's hear your idea to increase people's earnings. >> reporter: leading one republican to hold up a gop health reform plan and mock the president's claims he'll talk to anyone who can improve the new law. >> we've asked, haven't heard a word. so my phone -- my phone number in the office, 225-4510. >> reporter: now, meanwhile an aide to senator harry reid confirmed today that he's exempting some of his staff from enrolling in the health care exchange. their current plan is simply far more generous. certainly seems hypocritical. we should note there are some republicans on the hill who are also exempting staff. >> did you want to give out your phone number, ed? >> reporter: no. >> ed, thank you. the dow is down for the fourth straight day, losing 25.
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massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren says she will not run for president in 2016. warren has been mentioned as a possible rival to presumed front runner hillary clinton. but today she pledged to serve out her full term. there is growing concern tonight about the growing power of the presidency. shannon looks at what some
3:24 pm
consider a disturbing expansion of that authority under president obama. >> now, if congress refuses to act, i've said that i'll continue to do everything in my power to act without them. >> reporter: it's a pledge the president has repeatedly made and kept. from administrative directives to law enforcement officers, telling them not to arrest or deport the vast majority of those in the u.s. illegally to major rewrites of the affordable care act via speeches or the white house blog, president obama has grown increasingly willing to use the powers of the executive branch to effect major changes without ever going through congress. jonathan turley, a supporter of the president and his policies calls the trend troubling. >> the problem with what the president is doing is he's not simply posing a danger to the constitutional system, he's becoming the very danger the constitution was designed to avoid, that is the concentration of power in any single branch. >> reporter: other constitutional experts argue
3:25 pm
that president obama is carrying out his constitutional duties to take care that the laws be faithfully executed by revising obama care in ways that will make it viable. >> i have to say that hyperventilating about how extraordinary and unprecedented and unconstitutional these delays are is just -- is just that, it's hyperventilation and contrary to obvious historical fact. >> reporter: house republicans say talk of impeachment is futile giving a democratically controlled senate but say they'll keep fighting. >> he doesn't have a debate in the oval office about what he wants to do, he does what he wants to do. then you no longer have representative democracy, so that's what's at stake here. >> reporter: gop members have also expressed frustration that under current legal press kent it's virtually impossible for them to bring a lawsuit against the executive branch. bret. >> shannon, thank you. what do you think should be done about the expansion of presidential power? let me know on
3:26 pm talk show host martin bashir is out. he resigned today three weeks after a scathing verbal assault on sarah palin. quote, i deeply regret what was said and will endeavor to work hard at making constructive contributions in the future. msnbc has taken heat over not disciplining bashir while firing actor alec baldwin over an alleged anti-gay slur. no grapevine tonight so we can bring you a story about mixing politics and religion. we're always warned against it. now the new pope is under fire for supposedly doing it. but did he? hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] s chews. enjoy the relief!
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president obama's famous promise, if you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it, is ringing even more hollow tonight. chief national correspondent jim angle reports on new numbers that indicate just how hard replacing that plan you like may be. >> reporter: one republican said reports obama care had enrolled 29,000 people in two days this week doesn't come close to the pace they need. >> the new improved website will need to enroll close to 100,000 people per day every day this month. that's how many who selected a plan in all of october. >> reporter: others say state and federal exchanges together
3:31 pm
need to enroll 200,000 a day. that raises the prospect that people whose policies were cancelled might not be able to sign up in time to avoid a gap in coverage, especially since insurance companies are getting bogus information on who signed up. >> it's impossible for everyone that signs up by december 23rd to get coverage and to have that work through the system. >> reporter: but even for those who are able to enroll, about 50% of the plans available are narrow networks with limited providers. scott gottlieb analyzed one plan in nine states and found it included only a fraction of specialists. >> we found a florida that has only seven pediatricians in its network to service a county that has 260,000 children. in san diego, we found a health plan that doesn't have a single pediatric cardiologist in its network. >> reporter: in another california county plan, the nearest urologist offered was 80 miles away. it had a handful of dermatologists but none who deal with possible skin cancers and most were 100 miles away.
3:32 pm
even the democratic state insurance commissioner in washington state, who supports the law and has a successful exchange, conceded it's almost impossible for people to figure out what doctors and hospitals are included. >> if their provider, the one that they rely on the most, which is often going to be a family practice provider, that that provider is in network or not. that information isn't as readily available right now. >> reporter: he was the first state insurance commissioner to reject president obama's request to allow insurance companies to reinstate cancelled policies because he feared it would ruin the exchange. gottlieb said there's another part of the exchanges that will hurt the most vulnerable, those with serious illnesses and expensive drug treatments. >> this is a particular burden to patients with things like cancer. >> reporter: and he predicted if the exchanges don't sign up enough people before the deadline, the president would have no choice but to delay the law so as not to penalize people
3:33 pm
who find it impossible to seen up. bret. >> jim, thank you. another highly respected global leader is taking criticism from some quarters tonight. some people are upset with pope francis over comments he made recently about money, economics and politics. here is religion correspondent lauren green. >> reporter: the francis effect. people around the world crediting the pope with changing the face of catholicism, but are people just hearing what they want to hear? >> i ran across the latest papal offering statement from pope francis. >> reporter: limbaugh, referring to the pope's recently released 50,000 word papal kpoer takes called the gospel of joy. in it he writes money must serve, not rule. i exort you to generous solidarity and the return of an ethical approach which favors human beings. >> this is just pure marxism
3:34 pm
coming out of the mouth of the pope. there isn't such unferted capitalism that doesn't exist. that is a liberal socialist phrase to describe the united states. >> reporter: the pope never used the words unfetterred capitalism. christopher said limbaugh read what he wanted to read. >> the pope isn't against capitalism, he is against capitalism that is serving profits. he wants a human centered capitalism. he wants a capitalism that promotes people over profits. >> reporter: and headlines aren't helping to clarify the pope's message. the liberal media latched on to his recent comments about how the church has become obsessed with abortion, gay marriage and contraception. hale warns against slicing and dicing the holy father's words. >> if you try to say this is a liberal statement, this is a deserve afternoon statement, liberals cheer for one side, conservatives for the other side, you're missing the point. what does the pope want to change about the catholic
3:35 pm
church? us. >> reporter: pope francis is revealing the whole scope of his papacy, one to turn the tide on both liberals and conservatives, charging that both camps fall short when it comes to living out the gospel. next up, the panel. we're talking tonight about how the world is a much more dangerous place. it's becoming that. the panel weighs in with you. it's bing night. our sr bing poll after a quick break. rod cting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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of course we are incredibly concerned about the terrorist threat in syria, about extremist elements within the opposition. we have made that very clear. that's why we talk to the opposition all the time. >> it's worth knowing whether these groups have any intent whatsoever to be moderate and inclusive or whether they are from the start intend to be
3:39 pm
radical. >> if this is all going to come to some kind of a diplomatic solution, then all parties involved are going to have to be represented some way. >> well, they're talking about syria there and direct talks with various islamist groups on the ground, what the situation there is on the ground as we are talking today about a dangerous world, a number of different fronts. at the top of the show we told you about mexico and a hunt -- the hunt for nuclear material. well, now we have right through from reuters quoting the country's national nuclear safety commission and they are saying that mexican police have found this container that held this radioactive material they have been searching for, but that the thieves took it out. they removed the nuclear material from its case and that those thieves, they say, have been exposed to the dangerous levels of radiation. and the official says, telling local television down there, that those affected could die. the area around the stolen truck
3:40 pm
we're told, according to these officials, has been cordoned off and the radioactive material around the case, they're obviously trying to track down at this moment. this is developing, breaking right now. that's where we'll start tonight, a dangerous world with the panel and you on our bing pulse. let's bring in our panel, david drucker, juan williams, and charles krauthammer. charles, thoughts. >> well, this stuff that has been stolen in mexico is extremely dangerous, and i think it highlights the fact that one of the reasons that we should have a secure southern border is not just to reduce illegal immigration. but there is always a threat, particularly with hezbollah elements in the americas which we know is true, hezbollah has carried out attacks as far away as argentina and it has a basis or at least it has contacts in
3:41 pm
places like venezuela. if they get -- if they're the ones who are involved here, we have no idea, but it's quite possible. then the alert that we heard earlier in the show that all the ports of entry in the united states are alerted with radiation-detecting equipment are useless. i can't imagine they're going to go through customs tsa in tijuana. so we have to have a border that we can control, particularly in a world where all you need is a small amount of really bad stuff that can hurt a large number of people. >> and this material, juan, can be used to make a dirty bomb. officials have talked about this. we have a sound bite from the monterey institute talking about the iaea and how it characterizes this material. >> the international atomic energy agency characterizes materials on a scale from 1 to -- 2, 3, 4 and so on in terms of how dangerous it is to human
3:42 pm
health. if it ends up going out of normal channels. and this is at the top end of the danger to human health, so this is very dangerous material if it is taken out of this sealed container. >> juan. >> well, there's just no getting away from the danger that this poses. now, i think we have to keep in mind that there are more than 100 such incidents reported every year to iaea so put it in that context. secondly, that it was stolen in tijuana but then taken more than 1700 miles deep into mexico. so the question is whose hands are on it now? i don't know that this is an argument for putting a wall around the borders, as some might suggest. i think if you look back at other incidents like this, it's actually come from the north, from canada. so i don't know how isolated we can be in this world. the problem is we live in a very global society and this can come in. sometimes it comes in via
3:43 pm
airplanes and submarines just like drugs. that's the threat. >> we have a lot of detection devices, but you wonder how much across all of those borders. as you take a look at some of the voting here, which is most disturbing, china, theft of radioactive material, release of the newtown 911 tapes, u.s. negotiating with terrorists is 58% on this voting here according to bing. dai david, we've got a lot of people voting here. syria is a big issue that we don't really have any resolution to. >> no, we don't. essentially the obama administration farmed out control of syria and the civil war to russia. now, while we're involved in hopefully the decommissioning of their kem al weapons program, it's clear from the way the deal was struck that russia is in control of the a control. and i think the key for the united states is in an era where
3:44 pm
most americans are war weary and where september 11th, 2001, is for many people in the rear-view mirror, are we going to continue to acknowledge the threats that are out there, both coordinated and asymmetric and are we going to have political leaders that while you'd rather look inward right now, there are reasons why we need to maintain a very strong presence abroad, both militarily and diplomatically, because if we don't, we'll end up with worse problems. and right now i don't actually see much evidence of that on either side of the aisle. but it's something that the country will have to face one way or the other. >> but how are these stories about negotiating with islamic groups in syria sitting up on capitol hill? >> i don't know right now that they're getting that much attention. what's getting most of the attention right now is the deal with iran, and we saw that late today as some house republicans took to the floor to criticize the president's first move with
3:45 pm
iran. i do think there is in some cases skepticism in terms of negotiating withgroups. on the other hand, and i've seen that -- seen this with some of the potential 2016 republican presidential candidates, they're looking for a sort of third way, a midway between your traditional republican defense hawk and your democratic dove. and they're trying to talk about being strong militarily but being willing to rely on discussion and diplomacy. >> final issue, china. vice president biden over there, these talks about rising tensions over this air defense zone in the east china sea. it seems like china is spreading its wings a bit as far as what it's doing on a number of fronts. >> well, we had one strong response which was to send american warplanes into that
3:46 pm
zone without obeying the chinese demand that you check in with them. however, after the japanese and the south koreans did the same, the japanese did the same also with their civilian aircraft. they would not recognize chinese demands. we, however, the united states, ordered its civilian airliners to comply with the chinese, which undercut the japanese and alarmed them, especially when they see a high official of the united states in china negotiating and they would imagine, particularly after what's happened in iran, over the heads of u.s. allies in the region and they're wondering if we are going to put our relationship with china above our alliance with the japanese and with others. given how we seem to be doing that with iran, trying to make an agreement with iran and legitimizing it and leaving out of it the gulf arabs who have been our allies for decades, the japanese and the others have a
3:47 pm
big reason to worry about. >> next up, just how secure is your personal information on the obama care site and some other information from capitol hill on this issue today. [ thunder crashes ] [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk.
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obviously, the web site, when it was first launched, wasn't in tip top shape to say the least. but we have been 24/7 going at it. and now, for the vast majority of users it's working. and there will be other things that come up during the course of the next several months because you're starting off a new program that has an impact
3:51 pm
on 1/6th of the economy. it's a big deal to quote joe biden. >> we know this thousands of times a day to try to get unauthorized access. they have uncoordinated effort every single day to try to monitor and track that. >> president obama speaking at a youth summit today at the white house speaking about healthcare, trying to recruit folks to sell his healthcare plan around the country. this, as a new poll is out from harvard polling 18 to 29-year-olds in the past couple of weeks do you approve or disapprove of the aca. there you see disapprove 56%. approve 39%. how likely are you to enroll in insurance through obamacare? or aca exchange likely 20% unlikely 47%. 50/5028%. we're back with the panel. david, where is this now on the hill? where are are republicans? where are democrats? where is this relaunch.
3:52 pm
>> i think had when you an administration this deep into a national policy and you are the midst of another pr offensive and improving the messaging, it means you have a durable political problem. and so for democrats, they're optimistic and by the fact that the web site is doing better. we'll know shortly over the next couple weeks, i think whether the back end is doing as well as the front end. that makes them feel good. for republicans who never liked the law and see a lot of problems with it they see nothing but problems coming down the pike. and, because of that, they don't think that this web site, in fixing it, is going to make things any better and, in fact, they feel like it's going to help them make their case against the law and you can expect to see more oversight hearings and you can expect to see republicans pick away at this thing as consumers and
3:53 pm
regular voters feel the impact of this. >> juan, you know, we talk about the back end and talked about this yesterday here on the panel. back end just isn't the data going to the insurers, it is also as charles pointed out the cash register, the point of sale, where someone pays a premium. the testimony on capitol hill was that that is not even set up through this system. insurers have to do that on their own. that part of it, to get done by january 1st is really, that's going to be pretty tough to get everybody point of sale by january 1st if you are signed up by december 23rd. >> yeah. >> and they are worried about it and the insurance companies though, so far, are not screaming bloody murder. the insurance companies think that things are coming along. everybody takes the position this is in process if you will. so what you get is a situation where everybody is, i think, way off now this prospect of millions of people signed up by march. everybody is giving up on that pretty much.
3:54 pm
the question he is how many people who sign up are healthy, young people so that they get the right ratios and right mixes. >> look at that harvard poll, it's not that encouraging. >> all right, look. a lot -- those are young people. a lot of young people are are already on their parents' coverage because of obamacare. they don't need to sign up. second thing to say is young people typically don't. >> they are eligible. >> sign up got insurance through the school they attend or their their parents. the big question is for people who have that covered by their parents or anyone else. those i don't have insurance. nothing is ever going to happen to people. i'm young, i'm beautiful. you know, it doesn't matter. i'm so smart i'm at harvard, you know, what happens when something happens? >> i just want to make a point that you don't have to be good-looking to get healthcare. >> thank you. >> or to get into harvard. [ laughter ] >> look, here you are actually appealing to young people. it isn't only because the
3:55 pm
young have a feeling of being invincible. you are offering a product where they are going to pay twice the market rate. they don't have a job. they are living in their parents' basement and they are paying twice the market rate in order to subsidize older people who probably have a job or a pension. that isn't a good deal. and that's why the young are going to walk away. >> absolutely. positively. even the ones who are good looking. >> that is it for the panel. but stay tuned for epic moves plus sr bing pulse highlights after the break. and now my journey
3:56 pm
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>> here are tonight's bing highlights. there were strong disapproval from men and women when juan said the stolen radioactive material is not a reason to put up a wall along the u.s. border. women approved more than men of david's comment that the obama administration has farmed out the syria issue
3:59 pm
to russia. 24,000 votes per minute was the highest intense city of the first segment when charlsz said the japanese have reason be to worry about the u.s. side stepping them to pursue our own response to the chinese. total for the night, 18 thousand votes. finally tonight, have you ever been caught on one of those dance cameras and you didn't know what to do at the basketball game or one of those games? maybe we can all take a few pointers from these two. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:00 pm
♪ >> that kid is tough. no jakub line show tonight. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid. here is greta. >> the bulldozers are out and obamacare is getting plowed left and right as four mega hearings take over capitol hill. and now "on the record" is taking you inside all those hearings but, first, the hunt for accountability at the house oversight committee. >> we had a several hour hearing and i still can't tell you who was responsible for the web site. i can tell you it's not the president. it's not kathleen sebelius. it's not any of the people that you would think would be responsible, and there are no consequences or, if there are, i haven't seen them today. >> and down the hall, inside the energy and commerce hearing, a congressman who is a doctor going right for the you going glory.


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